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We believe that people should be able to express themselves in any way they choose, wherever they want. The use of avatars for role-playing and acting in virtual surroundings rather than actual camera footage empowers a new generation of content creators - virtual influencers.

We want to evolve with our content creators and provide a platform where creators can make use of virtual assets and create content with ease. It will not only open up a new dimension of content, but it will also help content creators and businesses realize the capabilities of synthetic content.

Our unique approach to content production via AR/VR and mixed-reality platforms will set us apart and provide an incredible level of inventiveness to the type of content that can be developed without physical limits.

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What is vTubing?

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vTubing is a fresh evolution of live streaming – a way for creators to connect with their audiences via a new, interactive medium. Rather than being on camera, vTubers instead embody an avatar, a 2D or 3D character that viewers can interact with in a form of live action roleplay.

Is Animo right for me?

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Yes, of course. If you want to make it big in the next evolution of content, Animo is the way to go.

How does animo support my vTubing needs?

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Animo provides you out of the box, easy to use and absolutely free vTubing essentials. We also cater to customized needs. You can reach out to us for any query.

Do I need any additional hardware to vTube using Animo?

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Not really! Our inital product is available as an iOS app. We have an android app in the pipeline too, so worry not android folks! 😊

Do I need to download any software to start using Animo?

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You would need to download our iOS/Android app to begin your content journey! Yes, it's that simple.

How do I become a partner with Animo?

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For becoming a partner with Animo you simply have to fill in your email address in get invite section and our team will reach out to you ASAP. ⏱️

What happens after I sign-up to become a partner with Animo?

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Once you sign-up and become a partner with Animo you can start using our software. You can also ask for support for creating initial videos. Also, we would love to hear your feedback on where we can improve.

Can I request custom made assets?

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Yes, you can request for custom assets.Please reach out to us directly via email -
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